Xbox 2 News Hints the upcoming console to be better than PS5

With serious gaming gurus, the gaming industry has come a long way. Since the first Super Mario game was unveiled, video gaming industry flourished like one of a kind in the entertainment world. And with the advent of technology, serious gamers have been offered with opportunities of owning a console at a marginal price (well, it depends). Since 2013, gaming enthusiasts were offered with Microsoft’s Xbox console. And since then the company’s fame was framed such a way that the only way it can travel is upwards. Reportedly, Microsoft’s Xbox One X has been unveiled which would launch on November this year. Despite the fact that fans got their hands on the new console, serious gamers are keeping a close eye on Xbox 2 news, which might get launched after a couple of years.

XBox 2 news

Latest Xbox 2 News: Xbox 2 crucially competing with Sony’s Upcoming PS5?

When we are concerned with consoles, rivalry plays a significant role, indeed. In comparison to Sony’s much-anticipated PS5, gaming freaks desire a rival console which can go parallel with Sony’s upcoming gamepad, specification wise. And it would be understandable if people desire another Microsoft console, Xbox 2, which would give a crucial competition to Sony’s upcoming PlayStation 5. Regardless, PS5 has been stabbed to get unveiled in the year 2019 or 2020, which is perhaps, two to three years later of Xbox One X launching time. And for a console, it needs a maximum of two years time span until the company reveals its successor console.

Sony has continuously been pushing its consoles with PlayStation VR, i.e. virtual reality headset. Obviously, there is a contrary with Microsoft’s Windows 10 VR headsets. Definition wise, for gaming freaks, while virtual reality takes them completely in a different world, augmented reality brings you what you practically see but with a little twist of changing or adding up things. Microsoft’s Project Scorpio is definitely a VR compatible console. As per rumors, Xbox 2 would come with VR compatibility. Both the consoles are envisioned to get unveiled in the year 2019 or 2020, so specs wise, it would be difficult to believe every PS5 or Xbox 2 news or rumor.

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Wrap Up

While the serious gamers desire to experience an extraordinary journey of owning either of the upcoming consoles, specs wise both consoles are eligible to offer a better experience shortly. Design wise PlayStation 5 will be delivered in a slimmer design, weighing lesser than its previous console. On the contrary, Microsoft’s Xbox 2 news states to sport a sleeker design incorporating everything into one small box. Well, this can only be possible with Microsoft. As both the devices are expected to come with more stylish and sleeker design, patience is what we have to maintain right now.