Vikings Season 5 First Look: Bjorn, Ivar, and Bishop Heahmund Comes into the Picture

The speculations regarding the forthcoming entry of Vikings are at rife, and now it seems that the fans have more reasons to elate as Vikings Season 5 first look came out a few days back. The makers have released three engaging pictures related to the fifth installment which portrays Bishop Heahmund, Ivar, and Bjorn. The images indicate the fate of the characters to some extent due to which people have already started making predictions.

Ivar’s Dissatisfaction and Bishop Heahmund’s Determination

One of the Vikings Season 5 first look pictures has depicted an extremely dissatisfied Ivar who is seen screaming out of wrath and loss. The back drop of Ivar and Heahmund’s pictures are same, and it seems that they were on the same battlefield that time. Heahmund, on the other hand, looks quite determined as he appears to be preparing for a war. It has already been said that a big face-off might take place between both the characters in the next installment and we can certainly mull about it after looking at the first look pictures of Vikings Season 5. But we can only draw a conclusion after the broadcast of the fifth entry.

First look of Vikings Season 5

season 5 of Vikings

Bjorn Seen in a Desert

The eldest son of Ragnar, Bjorn is also seen in one of the first look pictures of Vikings Season 5. The character is witnessed in a desert where he is riding on a camel, but the purpose of him being there cannot be anticipated right now. Reports earlier had highlighted that Bjorn might have chances of dying in the all new installment and this could happen during a raid in Mediterranean. All the Bjorn fans who were quite dispirited on hearing about his death sighed after coming across his newly rolled out picture but we cannot really predict his fate in Vikings Season 5 at this moment.

first look of vikings season 5

The newly released images of the upcoming installment of the historical drama series have raised the excitement level of people more. Therefore, fans are now anxiously waiting for Vikings Season 5 to come into the picture.

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Wrap Up

Vikings Season 5 first look images seem to be extremely intriguing, and this itself is an indication that the upcoming entry is going to be the ultimate game changer. Every other installment of the popular historical drama show has turned out to be splendid due to which the expectations from the fifth entry has gradually soared higher.

Image courtesy: Entertainment Weekly