This is The Best iOS 12 Wishlist Features Leaked So Far on Internet

Apple with it iOS 11 last year has broken the tradition by removing the support for the 32-bit apps and devices which were just capable of running the 32-bit apps. All thanks to Apple’s bold decisions! We now know that Apple’s iPhone 5C has also been discontinued. While it is too early to speak about when the new OS will debut, we can significantly carry forward our discussion with iOS 12 wishlist features. Here are only some of the best ones which fans are hoping to receive in the next OS from the Cupertino tech giant. Check the point-wise info vividly.

5 iOS 12 Wishlist Features are Compiled Below: Check Them Vividly

  • Seamless Siri- To put it simply, the new improvement in Siri will let you go back and forth between Google as well as Bing once you search for something inside iOS’s search (formerly called the Spotlight).
  • Unified Notifications- This will be excellent for users. Leaks so far indicate that if this is what Apple is planning to bring then we expect a sorted out notification in the new iOS 12.
  • Better WiFi and Bluetooth Toggles- We expect the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth toggle to be more improvised. Such that, if you disconnect both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth networks now it doesn’t allow you getting disconnected from the radios, but with an improved WiFi and Bluetooth toggles, we might get an enhanced version!
  • Camera Controls on the Camera Application- The camera app now doesn’t store camera controls which is why we presume that iOS 12 might bring some change. Simply put, the camera application now doesn’t allow video resolution or file formats directly which is accessible on the sub-menu of the ‘Settings’ screen. Cameras have to directly be controlled through the camera app, to make it simpler.
  • A movable back button- iPhones are used with a number of applications. And because there is a very small back button at the top it isn’t user-friendly. Our iOS 12 wishlist features include a movable back button which is considered maneuverable and hence it will make users use this feature in a better way.

The Final Words

Apple’s iOS 12 is a much-anticipated operating system which is set to see the lights of the day apparently this year in September. While we are ahead of anticipating about the nest OS, we choose to keep a close eye on every possible news that surfaces online in the coming days. Do you have your own set of iOS 12 wishlist features? Do share it with us via the comments section!