SHAREit vs Xender: Which One You Should Use?

SHAREit and Xender apps are the best file transferring applications available in the market right now. They are both most efficient apps. While SHAREit has recently reached 600 million users that call for an applause, Xender has still more to go. But that does not prove it as less qualified than SHAREit. Through Xender the users can now share files between a smartphone to a PC or from a Macbook to a Chromebook.

But before coming to a conclusion which sharing app is better we must have a clear picture of both the apps in terms of their similarities and differences.


Comparison between SHAREit and Xender


Though the two apps are competitors, and thus there is an option to chose between the two. Here are some of the differences these apps have. Like:

  • While through SHAREit you can send files maximum five users at a time, Xender can allow only four users.
  • SHAREit is 200 times faster than Bluetooth, while Xender is less faster than SHAREit. But, definitely faster than Bluetooth and WiFi.
  • While SHAREit uses it own network connection Xender needs a WiFi direct connection between the devices.
  • SHAREit supports Twitter and email, Xender has no such options.
  • SHAREit is malware free while Xender faces the issue.


  • Both SHAREit and Xender have lightning speed.
  • SHAREit and Xender both can share files between iOS and Android devices without any extra hard work.
  • Both of these apps are available for PC and Mac, though with Android emulators.
  • Both the apps are absolutely free.
  • Both send or receive half duplex.

SHAREit vs Xender

It is true that both the apps are good, but SHAREit is always the first preference as it is anyway better than Xender. If you go through the differences of the two apps the picture will be clearer to you. But at times even you may find issues to download or use SHAREit for some technical issues and at that time Xender can turn out to be your best alternative. Apart from that Zapya and Feem can also work great.

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Final words

At the end of this article we can get a clear picture of which is better. Thus there is a reason why SHAREit has reached 600 million users. so without wasting any more time download this app and start sharing! download Shareit Apk file here.