NBA 2K18: Players who Might Feature on the Cover of the Game

The video game players across the world have been eagerly waiting for the launch of a number of new games since the setting in of the ongoing year. They have already come across quite a few. But there are many which are still left to be launched officially. And as we look forward to the remaining days of the year, we can see that there are a number of days on which new editions of different video games are expected to come out.

NBA 2K18

One of the games which the gamers are looking forward to is the NBA 2K18. There are a number of new things that the gamers are expecting to be added in the game NBA 2K18, and it seems that the game will surely come with a number of new updates. One of the things that need to be addressed is the graphics of the game regarding which a number of complaints have already been listed. Other than these technical issues of the game NBA 2K18, there are a lot of talks going around regarding who is going to be the cover star of the game, and here we are with a list of probables who can feature on the cover of the game NBA 2K18.

One of the big names which can be there on the cover is Stephen Curry. He has got a really decorative background which might work in his favor in the end. Curry has been regarded as one of the fiercest shooters that the game has ever come across and got the Most Valuable Player of the season award for the last season. Hence, it won’t be too much of a surprise if Stephen Curry ends up on the cover of the game NBA 2K18.

The second person who might feature on the cover of the upcoming edition of the game in the NBA 2K series is Kevin Durant. With an Olympic Gold medal in his kitty, it seems that he has been one of the most prolific defenders of recent times and he is only 28 years old. So the developers of the game NBA 2K18 might go for this man as far as the cover star of the NBA 2K18 is concerned.

The third option for the developers of the game is Blake Griffin. He has been awarded the NBA Rookie of the year along with a triumph in the NBA Slam Dunk Challenge Championship. Being a young player, he provides a great option for the developers.

Other than these three there are lots of suggestions in the market regarding who could be the cover star of the game NBA 2K18. There are quite a few names which are floating in the air. But it depends on the consent of the developers of the game in the end. So it remains to be one of the most debatable aspects of the game that who is going to be the cover star before the release of NBA 2k18. And we will get a confirmation of that once the game hits the market in the latter half of the year 2017.