A Lot of New Things Expected to Come with the Launch of FIFA 18

Video games are something which thrives on changes. Almost every edition of a new game in any franchise comes out with new things, and these changes keep the fans engrossed in the game which eventually increases the fanbase of a particular franchise. That, in turn, enables the developers of the game to make financial profits from the games. So these new things are bound to come in every edition of games in a particular franchise. These changes can be particularly noticed in the games, the developers of which bring onto the market a new edition every year.

Talking about such franchises, not many can match the popularity of the games in the FIFA franchise. A huge number of fans engage themselves in playing FIFA. And the number is bound to increase in the coming days. This year we are currently waiting for the launch of the FIFA 18, and it seems that the gamers are really excited about the game as they expect a lot of changes to come in the game. And here we are with a list of things which might change in the game when FIFA 18 gets launched in the second half of the year 2017. It is going to be in the month of September that we will be able to come across FIFA 18 and hence, the wait is getting much more eager one.

One of the most important things which need to change is the set piece movements in the game. There have been instances when the gamers found it a bit too complicated to take free-kicks or corners or even penalties. Particularly in FIFA 17, the gamers have spotted it. In FIFA 16, it used to be pretty logical and much more practical. The changes which have come in FIFA 17 have made it less user-friendly. Hence, the gamers are of the opinion that the developers of the game must bring in a better system of taking set-piece movements in the game FIFA 18.

Not just the set-pieces, changes are expected to come in the artificial intelligence of the game as well. There have been reports coming in regarding the fact that the artificial intelligence does not work properly in FIFA 17. However, a change in that section in FIFA 18 will surely make things much more realistic. One such instance where the AI needs to be bettered is the playing style of particular teams. On occasions, it seems that the AI is not working when a team like Barcelona starts playing in a much more counter-attack based football. That is not their style, and it is really weird to see the Catalans playing like that. Also, it’s true the other round as well. When Real Madrid starts playing possession based football, it does not seem realistic. And hence the change in the AI in FIFA 18 is a must.

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There are other rumors going on in the market as well and the most popular among has been the one which concerns the cover star of the game. However, we can get a clear idea of how things are shaping up only when the game gets launched officially, and there is still quite some time to go before that happens.