What to look for when buying gaming mouse

Choosing the best gaming mouse is extremely hard nowadays. There are many gaming mouse out there. Each of them looks similar so it is hard to figure out which one is the best fit for you. However, depends on the functionality and appearance, you can choose the best gaming mouse 2018 of your choice.

  • Laser & Optical sensor

There are three types of sensor- laser, optical and infrared.  Which one would you prefer? Well, the laser sensor is often available today. Surprisingly, it can work on any surface. But, it has higher lift-off distance which results in some issues when you list off the mouse to the edge. It is quite uncomfortable for you. When it comes to the optical sensor, affordability matters. The optical sensor reads the surface accurately. You need high-quality mouse mat for this optical sensor. In case of the infrared sensor, the lift-off distance is low, so you can adjust the mouse easily.

  • DPI

The sensor performance is measured by Dot per Inch (DPI). There are a lot of such terms like CPI, Count per Inch etc. But, DPI is probably the most common. In order to make accurate cursor movements, you need to choose the mouse with high DPI level. If a mouse has high DPI, you don’t need to move the mouse to long distance. When you need to move the mouse to get cursor movement on the screen, you can choose the mouse with high DPI sensor, so that you can make less movement at ease. Similarly, when you need fast hand movements, you should choose mouse with low DPI, say 2,000 or more.

  • Mouse with extra buttons

Which game would you like to play? There are different kinds of games such as RPG, FPS, MMO, multiplayer, single game and lots more. Each of them needs different mouse. When FPS is your favorite game, you don’t need to choose the advanced mouse with more buttons. Gaming mouse with the basic button is enough for the FPS gamers. If you would like to play Real-time games, you should have a high-quality gaming mouse with more buttons so that you can do your best while simulation. For Real-time games, gaming mice are specially designed to manage the virtual & Real-time simulations. For a multiplayer game, you can use the same gaming mouse with extra buttons.

  • Wired Vs Wireless

Wireless Mouse are probably the most common today. The look & feel of the wireless mouse is great for multi-player games. The first wireless gaming mouse is designed by Cordless Mouse Man in 1992. Since then, many gamers are using wireless gaming mouse. Some of the wireless gaming mouse uses detachable USB cable. Such type of gaming mice is called hybrid mice. You can choose the mice that fit your need. Also, there are three types of grip out there, by which you can hold the mouse as per your needs. Those grips are palm grip, claw grip and finger grip.

Whatever the gaming mouse you select, it is important to be sure that the gaming mouse is the best fit for you.