Release date of LG V30

LG V30 Release Date is Set to Bring Some New information

A phone that is making quite a buzz in the technological world is awaiting its release, and the fans of the series are just being impatient with the LG V30 Release Date which is yet to be revealed. The phone is coming with some great features to give a tough competition to the rival Samsung which is too getting preparing with its Note 8.

The first LG V-series phone was the LG V10, which was announced in September 2015, ended up getting an October launch. Next was the LG V20, which was unveiled on September 6, 2016, and got released on September 29 that same year. Now there are a lot of anticipations regarding the LG V30, and it is probably going to be unveiled on August 31, just a day before Berlin’s IFA 2017 technology trade show begins, so that seems like the likeliest scenario.

The LG V10 and LG V20 are well-received because they offer primarily every feature that many users expect. So, a lot of what we need, of its next repetition is more of the same, to a degree. Thus the expectation regarding the coming V30 is just immense. So take a look at some of the possible big things waiting for us!

Release date of LG V30
LG V30 release date

LG V30 Latest News

LG V30 is stated to come with the Qualcomm processor of the Snapdragon 835, and this will be a unique way to create a landmark. It is up to 27% faster and 40% less power saver than its predecessor. Another factor is LG finally making the switch to OLED screens, leaving behind the typical LCD screen. V30 will be sticking to its predecessor’s screen-under-screen display to, and we cannot wait to witness that. It will have some sort of trademark curve, to break new ground as the pioneer of smartphones with a display that flexes.


The price of LG V30 is going to be high and will be beyond the reach of the mass. It is likely to be priced over $700 (about £537, AU$942).

LG V30 Release Date is currently the biggest news the fans of the series are waiting for. As most of the features we have talked about are just speculations as the makers have not disclosed anything yet officially, it will be interesting to see whether the price and the real features of the phone will tally or the phone will end up just being propaganda.