Kitchen sink buying guide

No kitchen is complete without a kitchen sink; it is perhaps, one of the most important things in a kitchen. A kitchen can be referred to as a heart of a home, but, it is actually the kitchen sink that handles most of the chores.

You might wonder why I mentioned kitchen sink to be an important part of the kitchen, yes because it is. Imagine a kitchen with a foul smell and whole the dirty water from the dishwashing flowing around on the floor and slab, it would be disgusting right? This is why it is really important to select the best kitchen sink. There are dozens of models of kitchen sinks available on the market today and each of them differs from each other in one way or the other, so, it is very important that you know the basic things and factors that decide the quality of kitchen sinks. Here are some of the factors to consider while purchasing a water sink.

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  1. The building material of sink – This factor refers to the material with which the sink is made of. Currently, there are kitchen sinks made of different materials, 1. Stainless-steel, 2. Copper, 3. Granite, 4. Cast iron, 5. Fireclay, 6. Composite, 7. Porcelain, 8. Acrylic. Each material exhibits its property and looks, so, while purchasing a kitchen sink consider the type of material accordingly.
  2. Type of sink – Kitchen sinks come in different types, 1. Farmhouse, 2. Drop-in, 3. Undermount, 4. Corner, 5. Bar, 6. Prep, 7. Utility or laundry wash. Like the name suggests each type of kitchen sink serve the same purpose, but, the style of each kitchen sink varies. So, while purchasing a kitchen sink consider the type of sink or the style of the sink.
  3. The number of bowls – Kitchen sink comes with a bowl and the number of bowls differs with each model and style, there are kitchen sinks with more than 1 bowl. Single bowl kitchen sinks are best suitable for kitchens with less area and kitchen sinks with more than one bowl are designed to provide the user with distinct work areas to avoid conjunction and mess. So, while purchasing kitchen sinks consider the kitchen area and the purpose of use.
  4. The depth of sink – Like I mentioned above, kitchen sinks have bowls, the depth of the sink refers to the depth of the bowl. Deeper bowls are best for soaking pans, pressure cookers and large utensils, but, they use more under-cabinet space. However, some models come with two or more bowls with different depths, which, in turn, enables you to perform multiple functions. So, while purchasing a kitchen sink it is always better to choose a sink with multiple bowls with different sink depth.
  5. Compatibility with accessories – A kitchen sink alone is not enough, a kitchen sink should have ample options to fit faucets, to fir sprayers, dispensers etc. It is very important that you purchase a kitchen sink that provides the maximum option to fit the accessories.

If you consider all the factors and things mentioned above you will be able to purchase the best undermount kitchen sinks available on the market today.