iOS 11 Review: We Dissect The 4 New Features We Liked The Best

As far as the Apple flagship mobile operating system is concerned, it will receive a major fillip this fall with the release of the iOS 11, the best and possibly the most powerful iOS version ever released. Not only will it have many new features, like supporting 64-bit apps exclusively, but it will also have a slew of security updates which are bound to appeal to the layman and the cyber security experts alike. In this iOS 11 review, we talk about the 4 best features that we saw.

iOS 11 Review: 4 Best Features

Aboard the iOS 11, there are many new features, but you already know that. What you may not have known is that there are many improvements on features which previously existed as well. We discuss two features which are improvements and two new features.

iOS 11 preview
Apple iOS 11 review

Siri is a lot more advanced. Gone is the old digital assistant; say welcome to the new AI-based digital assistant which is what Siri truly is. It can help you overcome a lot of real-world problems as well. Siri can now talk in new male and female voices. It can also make out what is in proximity and can help you make sense of the things that are scanned by the rear cameras. In fact, if you are in France and you are stuck on the South side of the Champs De Elysees, looking for how to get from Place de la Concorde to Rond-Point, Siri can help you translate the signs should they be in French.

Second, a new feature has influenced our iOS 11 review. The iOS 11 beta version released few months back already has an all new Night Mode, often also called the dark mode. Earlier, the feature was not available; instead, a poor imitator, called the Classic Invert function, was offered. Aboard the new iOS 11 is something called the Smart Invert feature, which is an excellent replacement. Simply enter the settings on your device and turn this feature on. This will also let you the troubles caused by pesky neighbors in a darkened cinema hall who start to wheeze whenever you receive a call. Essentially, this is Apple’s response to the dark mode offered by other manufacturers.

Third, we loved the new QuickType keyboard, which will provide better and more responsive typing. It will also let the users reduce the number of errors that the user normally makes.

Lastly, we cannot but mention that the new iOS 11 has a new password manager feature which can be unlocked with just a single password so that the users do not have to remember a slew of passwords.

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Wrap up

Thus ends our latest iOS 11 review, albeit a brief one. In case you are using the Apple iPhone 5c, you will not be able to step up to the iOS 13. On every Apple iPhone post the 5c, you can switch to the new OS.