Borderlands 3 may be out in 2018

Borderlands 3 Is In Development, and It May be Launched in 2018

Gearbox Software has not yet announced the next title in their famed Borderlands series, but the teases that we have been getting since the beginning of 2017 seem to tell an entirely different story. The fact is that there is no real question regarding the possibility of getting Borderlands 3, even though the game has not even been made official by its creators.

This is because after Borderlands 2 came out in 2012, the creators of the winning series surprised everyone with a sequel that was even better received than the original. But when it came to the question of getting a sequel, what fans got was a new game in the form of a pre-sequel. Not that anyone complained because just like the other games in the series, Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel was a fantastic game, and in addition, it took the story back to an origins telling of sorts.

But since 2014, what fans have been asking for is a new game that takes the story forward. What we mean is a proper sequel to Borderlands 2. And while Gearbox earlier used to be quite hesitant to talk about it, it became clear by 2015 that they had warmed up to the idea of a sequel. What was even more promising was that Gearbox officials said that they realized there was a huge demand for Borderlands content, and that the next game, that is, Borderlands 3 would have to take things to the next level in terms of the story and gameplay in order to deliver what fans truly want to see.

Borlands 3 may be out by 2018

Everyone has been way more vocal about Borderlands 3 since then, but when it came to sharing the information about the new game, they were mostly quiet. All we knew was that some of the characters could have associations with those from Borderlands 2. For instance, Scooter the mechanic would still be of relevance in Borderlands 3 through the inclusion of his son, Scooper, in the upcoming game.

However, all that silence gave way to a lot of new revelations with the coming of 2017. The year began with a huge update from Gearbox during the GDC 2017, in which the studio all but confirmed that Borderlands 3 was in development. They did not name any names, but the seemingly simple tech demonstration actually contained footages from the game in progress. While it looked like the game was still in its early stages of development, it was clear that work was coming along well.

The next update came in the form of a Twitter post from Randy Pitchford, the man behind Gearbox Software, when he uploaded a picture of himself in the process of shooting for a video game that he did not name. Alongside that, the recent word from publisher Take-Two Interactive got us even more excited when they said that 2K was about to get a new entry in one of their most popular and successful franchises in existence. While this time too this video game was kept unnamed, there is little doubt in the minds of fans that this title is none other than the much awaited Borderlands 3.

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So judging by where things stand now, Borderlands 3 may see the light of the day in 2018. We don’t know if we will see any previews of the game this year, but whether or not that happens, we are confident that an official announcement is on its way soon.

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