5 Top Tips to Write Down the Best College Admission Essay

Getting admission to the college of your choice may be a difficult task because all the colleges have different criteria for admissions.  But one thing is common for nearly all the colleges and that is, the admission or entrance essay writing . It may become difficult for someone to write an essay because the admission depend on the quality of his writing and he may get nervous. To help them out, we have comprised this article and have mentioned the 5 top tips to write down the best college admission essay.

  • Be Concise: Even though the stipulated minimum length of a college admission essay is 250 words with no upper limit, you should make a concise effort to complete your essay within a maximum of 500 words. This is because the admission officers reading your essay usually have to go through hundreds of applications each day and would not like to devote more than a few minutes going through your work.
  • Be Honest: Don’t try to boast about your accomplishments too much while writing the essay. Try to be honest and write down what you really want your reader to know about you. After all, not everyone is a star in everything they do. Or else it will seem like a College essay example from HomeworkDoer
  • Be Different From The Rest: While writing down the essay, try to be a bit different from the rest. Just ask yourself, how you are different from someone you know or you don’t know and try to present your writing in a different way. This would give you an upper hand during the evaluation process.
  • Be Accurate: Try to avoid spelling errors as much as you can and also make sure you use the punctuations correctly like commas, semi-colons and full stops. Committing these silly errors may have a negative effect on your admission process.
  • Be Coherent: Don’t try to write everything down in your essay at one go. Instead, focus on one idea and elaborate on it in a proper way. Once you are done with it, you may shift to the next idea. Writing everything down together may confuse your reader and he may fail to get a clear idea about what you wanted to potray.

Wrap Up

We are sure you would be able to crack the admission test and get selected in the college of your choice if you follow the top 5 tips and write your essay accordingly. We want to wish you all the best and hope you get selected in one of the best colleges in the country.